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  • Loving coaching with your active participation to enhance your life. You will discover your true life purpose through, cultivation, communication, and culmination with me. You will realize the greatness that you have already inside of you. Detailed daily instructions, relaxing techniques, and tips will be given to help you to reach your ultimate potential/life goals.
  • Guided consultation sessions to assist you with your day to day questions or inquires on your ultimate life purpose,etc.
  • Detailed loving guidance, tips, and nutritional assistance to help your physical body begin the process of healing naturally/holistically. This will assist you in decreasing, if not eliminating prescription medications. Your new personalized healthy lifestyle designed by me, will heal ailment/disease, enhance stamina, mental clarity, physical energy, eliminate excess weight, brighten/clear skin, and give you longevity. Specialties include: Fibroids, Type 1 Diabetes, and High Cholesterol.
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Life Coaching

$120 - per one hour session


Consultation Session(s)

$40-$120 per one hour session

* E-mail consultation ($40 per question/detailed answer sent via e-mail)

*Phone consultation ($90/hr)

* In-person Consultation ($120/hr)


Health & Wellness

$120 - per one hour session


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